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Industrial Training- FAQs

What are the Benefits of “Codezeal Technology” Industrial Training?

Codezeal helps fresh graduates to get hands-on experience of working on live projects and solving real-life problems. We help students to get their dream job by making them extremely competent professionals who can cope with the challenges of all the emerging technologies in the corporate world. We train and prepare students for corporate faster, cheaper, and easier.

Who can Attend This Course?

  • If you are a just college passout, this is EXACTLY what you are looking for to open the doors for your dream career.
  • If you are an experienced professional from ANY other field but wanted to be in IT, this course will help you make this switch smoothly
  • If you are an experienced software developer professional, you will be amazed with the new things and advanced tactics you will learn to work efficiently and smartly in this field.

Can you give me more discount for the fees?

We are already offering this course for very affordable price. Also along with this training you are getting some premium high quality learning material which will be your guide throughout your career.

What are the various job roles in the IT industry?

Codezeal Technology offers various courses to train you for a career in the IT industry. Depending on your aptitude, area of interest & qualification, you can choose to work in any of the following job profiles:

  • Developers/Programmers
  • Web developers
  • System Analysts
  • Software testing & quality assurance
  • Database analysts, architects & administrators
  • SQL
  • Ms Office

Will you provide assignments for our practice at home?

Yes. We will give assignments at the end of the session to judge your understanding of the topic covered in that session. You can complete these assignments before the next session and get all your answers verified by our instructor. Our instructor will provide suggestions/feedback after checking your answers to the assignments.

What types of courses are available at Codezeal Technology?

Codezeal Technology offers a variety of trainings – technology courses for IT students, career programs for students wanting to enter the IT sector, certification courses for IT professionals to enhance their career and basic IT programs for college students or freshy graduated students or people looking to change their career.etc.

Learn to work with software like C++, .Net, Java, Android, Python etc. Get certified & add an extra edge to your IT career.


We offer trainings in Digital Marketing and Designing as well.

Can you give me 100% job guarantee?

Though we cannot guarantee you the job, we will do whatever it takes to get you a job. If any institute is giving you the job guarantee, most of the time this is fake or else make sure to validate their claims before joining them. We will provide you assistance for getting a job.

What software do you teach in Codezeal Technology training courses?

“Codezeal Technology” trains its candidates on the latest versions of software used in the various industries around the world.

Some of the top software taught are:

  • Java
  • .NET
  • C++
  • SQL/ MySQL
  • Python
  • Android

Can I ask the instructor questions in a training session?

Yes, of course. You can ask questions directly to our instructor during the training session. Also at the end of each class you will get 5-10 minutes for the QA session so that you can get all your queries answered.

Do you provide a course completion certificate?

Yes. We will provide the course completion certificate at the end of the course.

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