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NET also known as Microsoft.Net is a software frame work brought up by Microsoft Corporation to develop applications supported in devices such as personal computer and mobile. This frame work was designed in an intention to lower down the quantity of code that are being implemented in large applications. Such framework with huge benefits is encouraging young enthusiast and experienced professionals looking to make career option in this profession and hence search for best Dot Net Training in Ranchi is on huge demand now. We at Codezeal Technologies, provides the comprehensive Dot Net Training in Ranchi by an experienced professionals that make you well-versed with modern web application structure, its designing process and utilization on making better user interface. Also, one can receive diverse knowledge on how to troubleshoot and debug web application along with Design and Implement security on live project training sessions performed under guidance of Real time Experts.

Why Dot Net Training?

Microsoft.Net is one of the most preferred programming languages in IT industry as it reduces the overall coding quantity in large applications and saves time to a great extent. .Net Framework is composed of two integral components, FLR and CLR and both these components are used in most of the programming languages. Hence, it is a great sign that Dot Net never seem to be go out of fashion.

Dot Net Framework is scalable, robust and highly secure development platform. Since it specialized in minimizing code from large applications, it reduces software development time and provides reliable and comprehensive business solution. This shows that Dot Net developers are very crucial for business solution and it’s the best option to begin your career journey with. Thus, Ranchi’s leading dot net training facilitator aims at honouring you with the skills that required to become a successful dot net developer.

Who can join .Net training in Ranchi?

Professionals from IT industry or a graduates from CS/IT, BCA, MCA, B.Sc-IT and Diploma          departments who are enthusiast about Dot Net can join Dot Net live project training programmes in Ranchi.

Scope of Dot Net Training in Ranchi

Ranchi is a vastly growing tech cities in Jharkhand where demand of .Net Developer is sky rocketing. Not only in Ranchi but also in other metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, the MNCs and tech giants are aggressively looking for dot net professionals.

After the completion of this training program, a candidate can expect to be Asp dot net developer who is all prepared to work in real corporate environment.


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Syllabus of .NET Training in Ranchi

Module 1: Introduction to the 4.6 .NET Framework

1.1 What is the .NET platform?
1.2 What is the .NET framework?
1.3 The .NET framework, languages, and tools
1.4 The .NET framework: Major components
1.5 Common Language Runtime (CLR)
1.6 Compilation and execution in .NET
1.7 The .NET framework 4.6 stack
1.8 New productivity enhancements in VS2012

Module 2: Introduction to C# 6.0

2.1 Features of C#
2.2 C# compilation and execution
2.3 General structure of a C# program
2.4 Creating and using a DLL

Module 3: Data Types and Arrays in C#

3.1 Data types in C#
3.2 Value types and reference types
3.3 Boxing and unboxing
3.4 Single-dimensional, multi-dimensional, and jagged arrays
3.5 Nullable types
3.6 Implicitly typed local variables

Module 4: OOP with C#

4.1 Classes and objects
4.2 Constructors
4.3 Structures in C#
4.4 Inheritance
4.5 Properties and indexers
4.6 The concept of function overriding
4.7 Abstract class, virtual and abstract methods, and the sealed class
4.8 Interfaces
4.9 Method parameters (out, ref, and params)
4.10 Object initializers

Module 5: Delegates, Events, and Lambdas

5.1 The concept of delegates
5.2 An example of delegates
5.3 Multicast delegates
5.4 Understanding C# events
5.5 .NET event guidelines
5.6 Anonymous method explained
5.7 Lambda expressions

Module 6: Exception Handling in C#

6.1 Exception handling in C#
6.2 The System.Exception class
6.3. Multiple catch statements
6.4 User-defined exception

Module 7: Garbage Collection in C#

7.1 Role of a garbage collector
7.2 Garbage collection algorithm
7.3 Finalize vs dispose

Module 8: Collections and Generics

8.1 System.Collections namespace
8.2 Collection interfaces
8.3 Collection classes
8.4 The Collection API
8.5 Working with generics
8.6 Generic methods, interfaces, and delegates
8.7 Collection initializers
8.8 Iterators

Module 9: IO and Serialization

9.1 Need for serialization
9.2 Formatters
9.3 Binary and SOAP serialization
9.4 Using I/O
9.5 Exploring System.IO namespace
9.6 Directory and file info types
9.7 Basic file I/O

Module 10: Assemblies, Reflection, and Attribute-based Programming

10.1 Introduction to .NET reflection
10.2 Obtaining details about types from the assembly
10.3 Obtaining details about methods, properties, and fields
10.4 Creating custom attributes
10.5 Retrieving attribute details with reflection

Module 11: Fundamentals of ASP.NET MVC 5

11.1 The ASP.NET MVC framework


11.3 ASP.NET MVC model

Module 12: Exploring Controllers

12.1 Working with controllers

12.2 Routing

12.3 Attribute routing

12.4 Action methods

12.5 Passing data from the controller to the view

Module 13: Working with Views

13.1 ASP.NET MVC Razor view engines

13.2 HTML helpers

13.3 Working with the layout

Module 14: Exploring Models and Working with Data

14.1 Model binding

14.2 Data annotation

Module 15: Entity Framework 6: Features with ASP.NET Scaffolding

15.1 The Code First model

15.2 Multiple migrations

15.3 Scaffolding

Module 16: Web Optimization with ASP.NET MVC

16.1 Web optimization

16.2 Bundling and minification

16.3 Configuring bundles



  • Real Time DOT NET Developer

    All trainers are real time .NET developer with more than 5 years of experience in their domain.

  • Immediate Assistance

    We offer real time assistance to our candidates who have been facing challenges throughout the training period

  • Regular Assignment and Assessment

    We provide a regular training sessions and encourage trainee to perform assignment and assessment which are been allotted by our professional trainers.

  • Learning from Scratch

    Client and server endpoints are managed as one estate, ensuring security and stability while maximising uptime and employee productivity.

  • Latest Trends

    We include all latest trends in our training modules to keep you up to date from all aspects and assure knowledge throughout training must be beneficial for your career.

  • Master in MySQL Database

    Comprehending on MySQL database to build databases that will power their sites so that integrating .NET and MySQL can build interactive powerful data driven Software.



Our primary approach is to provide a industry specific training to our learners who have a zeal of working in corporate environment that are adhere to respective industries. We offer trainings which can be acceptable for different industries.

Swati Prasad

I had a fantastic learning experience with Codezeal’s .NET training. Their training program was top-notch and provided me with valuable insights into the world of .NET development. I’m grateful for the knowledge and skills I gained through their guidance. Thank you, Codezeal, for the excellent training!

Swati Prasad
Lalpur, Ranchi
Pranish Chauhan

I am extremely satisfied with the .NET training I received from Codezeal. The quality of their training was impressive, and it significantly enriched my understanding of .NET. I am appreciative of the valuable expertise I gained during the course. Kudos to Codezeal for delivering such a commendable training program!

Pranish Chauhan
Kantatoli, Ranchi


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