Android App Development Training in Ranchi

Codezeal Technologies is a popular name in offering top-quality android training in Ranchi as we let candidates to face the problems in real time scenarios with live projects under supervision of experienced professionals.

Android is the fastest growing technology in recent times and has spread to every part of globe. Android is easily available on all type of smartphones and actively influenced everybody’s life. Most of the companies uses this technology to promote their products and services by creating new apps.

This has brought a high demand for mobile developers who have experienced in Android. This goes on increasing in coming years too. There are professionals who got into programming and are passionate about adapting technologies that trending in the world. I

f you believe that this your scope of interest and aspire to become an inspiring android developer then make yourself proficient in android development. Codezeal provides the unmatchable live project android training in Ranchi where you got to learn all aspects of android development under guidance of real time experts.

Why Android Training in Ranchi

A mobile without an app is like an empty vessel. Android has become the global leader in mobile market. From ordering books, booking tickets to travel or reading newspaper everything is accessible through your smartphone. With growing technologies, integration of new technologies adaptation will keep on increasing and so requirement for android developers. You too can become an android developers by enrolling to android training in Ranchi.


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Syllabus of Android Training in Ranchi

Module 1: Android

  1. Introduction
  2. Early History of Android
  3. Understanding the Android Software Stack
  4. Android SDK
  5. Dalvik VM
  6. Android Emulator

Module 2: Setting Up Your Development Environment

  1. Downloading the Android SDK
  2. Installing Android Development Tools (ADT)
  3. Building Hello World app
  4. Android Virtual Devices
  5. Exploring the Structure of an Android Application
  6. Fundamental Components
  7. Application Life Cycle

Module 3: Building Block and User Interface and Controls

  1. Activity
  2. Intent
  3. Content Provider
  4. Broadcast Receiver
  5. Services
  6. Understanding Android resources
  7. Understanding Android Intents
  8. Text Controls
  9. Button Controls
  10. The ImageView Control
  11. Date and Time Controls
  12. List Control
  13. GridView Control
  14. Spinner Control
  15. Gallery Control
  16. Understanding Adapters
  17. Styles and Themes
  18. Understanding Layout Managers

Module 4: Android Menu

  1. Structure of Android menu
  2. Working with  Menu and Events
  3. Submenus, Context Menus, Pop-up Menus

Module 5: Sub-Screen, Dialogs and Action Bar

  1. What Is a Fragment
  2. Fragment Manager
  3. Using Dialogs in Android
  4. Working with Toast
  5. Working with Action Bar and Tabs

Module 6: Working with Preferences and Saving State

  1. Exploring the Preferences Framework
  2. List Preference
  3. Checkbox Preference
  4. Edit Text Preference
  5. Organizing Preferences

Module 7: SQLite Database

  1. Introduction to SQLite Database
  2. SQLiteOpenHelper and working with DB
  3. Working with Cursor

Module 8: Content Provider

  1. Android’s Built-in Providers
  2. Architecture of Content Providers

Module 9: Services, Threading and Handler

  1. Consuming HTTP Services
  2. Using the Android Http Client
  3. Addressing Multithreading Issues
  4. Handler, message and message queue relationship
  5. Using Background Threads (AsyncTask)

Module 10: Exploring Maps and Location-based Services

  1. Understanding the Mapping Package
  2. Obtaining a Maps API Key from Google

Module 11: Working on Socket Connection

Security and Packages

  1. Understanding the Android Security Model
  2. Signing Applications for Deployment
  3. Self-Signed Certificate Using the Keytool
  4. Installing Updates to an Application and Signing
  5. Understanding Security at the Process Boundary
  6. Declaring and Using Permissions
  7. Library Projects
  8. StrictMode

Module 12: Working with Web Service

  1. JSON parsing
  2. XML parsing

Module 13: Prepare Your Application for Market

Develop Market ready application


Benefits of Android Training in Ranchi from Codezeal

  • Real Time Android Developer

    All trainers are real time android developer with more than 5 years of experience in their domain.

  • Immediate Assistance

    We offer real time assistance to our candidates who have been facing challenges throughout the training period

  • Latest Trends

    We include all latest trends in our training modules to keep you up to date from all aspects and assure knowledge throughout training must be beneficial for your career.

  • Regular Assignment and Assessment

    We provide a regular training sessions and encourage trainee to perform assignment and assessment which are been allotted by our professional trainers.

  • Learning from Scratch

    You will going to learn from the basics of writing and running PHP scripts to more advanced features such as file operations, regular expressions, working with binary data, etc.

  • Master in Kotlin

    Learn how to build an app with location awareness and Google Maps. You will also learn best practices and techniques for testing to enable you to scale your app quickly and more safely,



Our primary approach is to provide a industry specific training to our learners who have a zeal of working in corporate environment that are adhere to respective industries. We offer trainings which can be acceptable for different industries.

Codezeal’s Android training surpassed my expectations. The comprehensive program provided me with an in-depth understanding of Android development. The practical insights and hands-on experience were invaluable in honing my skills.

Rakesh Ranjan
Lalpur, Ranchi

Very late in the day, I received a request from our director to obtain a quote for software and laptops. We needed them by noon the next day. But John Doe was able to get those to us first thing in the morning.

Priya Sharma
Doranda, Ranchi


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