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Codezeal Technologies offers inclusive web designing training in Ranchi. Our training involves extensive practical learnings with live projects and simulations imparting candidates the perfect web designing training environment in Ranchi. Our trainers are subject specialist corporate professionals who can guide you exceptionally throughout training and provide you with in-depth knowledge in web designing.

Codzeal Technologies, recognized among top 10 website designing training facilitators in Ranchi has training modules for candidates as well as working professionals. Whether you are tech graduates or professionals from IT background, Codezeal offers the best training environment, experienced trainers, and real-time assessments for entire module.

Codezeal Technologies facilitates live project training that encourages candidates to face real-time challenges successfully in the corporate world by allocating them involved in real projects.

Why Web Designing Training?

Website designing is an important part of IT industry. For web designing, one needs to have a certificate of the same from a good institute. To be a good web designer you should have a complete. Knowledge of CSS & HTML. These are the basic requirements for designing a website. In today’s world of competition to be amongst at the top one needs media.

Websites are playing a key role in today’s life. Whether we talk about shopping or engineering counselings all are made online. These are one of the major benefits which a common person has made with the use of websites.

Many jobs are available for web designers than before. Many big companies demand experienced and quality web designers.

The scope of web designing is always high. In today’s web and internet world, people want creative web site when they are accessing them. Top company web development of India gives up to 8-10 lac per year for experienced web designers. So it’s a very good field for working and also it creative field.

Who is Eligible for Web Designing Training in Ranchi?,/BCA/MCA students and working professionals who are enthusiasts about website design and looking for summer and winter training can opt for Java Training in Ranchi.


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Syllabus for Web Designing Training in Ranchi

Module 1: Introduction to Web Technologies

  • Introduction to Web Technologies
  • How does the Website work?
  • Types of Websites
  • Static, Dynamic and CMS Websites 
  • Responsive Web Designing
  • Client and Server Scripting Languages
  • Types of Domains
  • Types of Hosting
  • Web Standards and W3C recommendations
  • Web Designing Industry Job Roles

Module 2: HTML 4.01

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Head Section and its Elements
  • Meta, CSS, Script, Title and Favicon
  • Table, Div, Headings and Text Tags 
  • Anchor Links and Named Anchors
  • Image Tag, Object Tag, Iframe Tag
  • Form Tag and Attributes 
  • POST and GET Method
  • Text input, Text area
  • Checkbox and Radio Button
  • Dropdown, List and Optgroup
  • File Upload and Buttons

Module 3: HTML 5

  • HTML 5 tags
  • Header,Nav,Main,Section,Article tags
  • Aside, Figure, Dialog, Details, Summary and Footer tags
  • Mark,figcaption, Code and Cite tags
  • Audio and Video tags
  • The input tag new attributes and values
  • Buttons, Datalist, Required, Placeholder and Autofocus
  • Using HTML tags in real-time websites
  • HTML Validators

Module 4: Cascading Style Styles (CSS) 2

  • Defining CSS
  • Universal Selector
  • ID & Class Selector
  • Tag Selector
  • Sub & Child Selector
  • Adjacent Sibling Selector
  • Attribute Selector
  • Group selector
  • CSS 2 Properties
  • Type  & Background Properties
  • Block & Box Properties
  • List Properties
  • Border Properties
  • Positioning Properties
  • CSS Menu & Form Designing

Module 5: Cascading Style Styles (CSS 3)

  • CSS 3 Advanced Selectors
  • nth-child() and nth-of-type
  • first-of-type and last-of-type
  • first-child and last-child
  • first-line and first-letter
  • before and after
  • CSS 3 Properties
  • Rounded corners
  • Advanced Background Properties
  • Shadow property
  • New Font properties
  • Opacity
  • Gradients
  • Transition and Transform properties
  • Animation properties

Module 6: Responsive Web Design + BootStrap

  • Introduction to Responsive Design
  • Devices and their dimension ranges
  • View-port tag
  • Using CSS media queries
  • Basic Custom Layout
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Installation of Bootstrap
  • Grid System
  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Tables and Images
  • Image sliders
  • Icons Integration
  • Real-time page design using bootstrap

Module 7: Brackets Editor

  • Introduction toBrackets
  • Interface Basics
  • Creating new documents
  • Define a Site
  • Creating a root-site folder and its elements
  • Working with previews
  • Designing an interface using Insert tools
  • Properties Panel
  • Working with errors, validating code

Module 8: JavaScript

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Javascript Types
  • Variables in JS
  • Datatypes in JS
  • Operators in JS
  • Conditional Statements
  • JavaScript Loops
  • JS Popup Boxes
  • JS Events & Arrays
  • JS Object & Functions
  • Validation of Forms

Module 9: jQuery and jQuery UI

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Installing jQuery
  • jQuery Syntax
  • jQuery Ready Function, Selectors, Actions
  • jQuery Plugins
  • jQuery Validation plugin
  • jQuery Slideshow & Dropdown
  • Working with jQueryUI
  • jQuery Accordions, Tabs &  Tooltips
  • jQuery Autocomplete

Module 10: WordPress CMS

  • Introduction to CMS
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Installation of WordPress application
  • Installing a theme
  • Using Dashboard and its components
  • Creating Pages
  • Setting Menu
  • Installing plugins
  • Editing content
  • Customising Techniques

Module 11: Angular Javascript

  • Introduction to AngularJS
  • Installation of angularJS application
  • Components in angularJS
  • Directives
  • Modules
  • Expressions
  • Controllers
  • Built-in-directives
  • Filters and Tabs
  • Examples for applications

Module 12: Website Design Project

  • Clients Requirement Analysis
  • Planning a the Website
  • Creating the HTML/CSS Structure
  • Creating a project using Bootstrap
  • Integration of Features using JS and jQuery
  • Project Testing
  • Creating Project in WordPress
  • Live Project Work

Module 13: Domain and Hosting

  • Web Hosting Basics
  • Types of Hosting Packages
  • Registering domains
  • Types of Domains
  • Defining Name Servers
  • Using the Control Panel
  • Creating Emails in Cpanel
  • Using FTP Client
  • Maintaining a Website
  • Server Support

Module 14: Web Designing Resources and Material

  • Graphics (Icon, Buttons, Backgrounds)
  • Study Material in PDF
  • Daily Notes in Class
  • Free Server FTP Access
  • Professional CSS Templates
  • Professional Flash Templates
  • 100 Stock Photos for Website Work
  • Java Scripts and Jquery Files


Our primary approach is to provide industry-specific training to our learners who have a zeal for working in corporate environments that adhere to respective industries. We offer training which can be acceptable for different industries.


I already had some programming experience – a semester of C (I can use pointers!) and some web development and I found this training program very rewarding.

Web Developer - Brightcode

I have learned a lot from codezeal trainers about web designing. Since I performed web designing training with live projects, Now am extremely familiar with CSS, jQuery and angular javascript. Best place for industrial training.

Web Designer - Brightcode


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